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I'm excited to announce my book, Atlantic Piracy in the early 19th Century: the story of the pirates and survivors of the Morning Star is available from Amazon, Booktopia and Boydell Press

The book deconstructs the story of the Spanish pirate, Benito de Soto and his attack on the British brig Morning Star. It places these events in the context of piracy in the Atlantic Ocean in the early 19th Century.

Within it you'll find stories of little-known pirates of Cuba, brave women, plucky survivors, villainous pirates, buried treasure and a few severed heads.

I spoke about it recently on the New Books Podcast.

I also wrote an article about the story for the University of Melbourne's Pursuit magazine.

Here are two blog posts about it published by Boydell Press and including a discount code:

A woman's bargain with pirates

When pirates became media sensations

For more on my piracy research, visit or look up my Instagram page PiracyInPictures.

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