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Ashburton Stories: A History of the Melbourne Suburb is here!

Ashburton Stories front cover
Front cover

After what felt like forever (but was just a few months) and a delay caused by a contaminated glue incident at the printers (don’t ask) my book, Ashburton Stories: A History of the Melbourne Suburb is finally here!

The book draws together many of the posts on this blog to tell the history of Ashburton through its people and institutions. With this book, I hope Ashburton will at long last take its rightful place in the broader history of Boroondara and Melbourne. I also hope it provides everyone with a connection to Ashburton with a memento of the suburb and a resource for understanding the suburb’s social evolution.

How to buy a copy

The book retails for $27.50 (inc GST). Buy as many copies as you want – it will make an excellent Christmas gift for all your friends and help me reduce the storage space!

You can:

  1. Purchase it online through my shop . This takes credit card and Paypal. If you'd like to pay by bank transfer, drop me an email and I will send my bank details. Free delivery is available for those within 5 km of Ashburton. There is also a postage option via Australia Post.

  2. Purchase it in person at the Ashburton Community Centre on High Street between 9 am and 2 pm, Monday to Friday;

  3. Purchase it in person from me on 13 July at Bookfest, the ACC’s annual homage to local books and authors; or

  4. Borrow it through the Boroondara Library Service at a future date.

Ashburton Stories back cover
Back cover

Tell me what you think!

No doubt I have missed stuff out. But don’t be shy, tell me about it! People have already started telling me about their Ashburton Stories so material for a second edition is coming in.

Let me know your thoughts by email.

Tell your friends!

The book is a great reason to contact all your old Ashy mates! If you’re on community Facebook or WhatsApp groups tell them about the book too.

What’s next for the blog?

The blog will continue but will shift away from Ashburton to the broader Boroondara area.

I’m currently transcribing a hand-written history of John and Mary Gardiner I found in the National Library. It reveals some very interesting information about them – especially John’s contentious relationship with Aboriginal people - so stand by for more on that!

Thanks as always for your support.



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